The Worst Night of My Life Essay

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It was late at night my mom was drunk, I kept thinking why are we in the car driving around? I keep debating with myself that it’s a little weird because mom never takes me out this late. Never mind that I’m excited I’m turning eight tomorrow and mommy said I’m a big girl now! After driving for a while sadly we finally stopped, it was her awful “friend” Daniels house. We walked up to the door and rang the bell, my heart stopped when they opened the door “hello April, we missed you so much”, it was his sons Adam and Eric. I can’t open my eyes, move my legs or whisper even one word, this wasn’t happening to me not now my birthday is in two hours. I could feel my knees buckle I was so scared, afraid I may upset them again I went to the…show more content…
I was just there waiting trying my best not to fall asleep so I stood up and walked around. The door swung open “Adam, I’m so sorry I was doing what Eric told me to” I cried. He looked at me and smiled, “its ok honey I just want to keep you company”. I was careful not to smile they didn’t like that but tonight was somehow different Adam was asking me to do things I normally couldn’t do. I remember feeling dizzy from all the slow dancing, smiling, flashing lights and loud music. I can’t sit down I wasn’t told to but my legs are hurting so bad I’m going to cry. I turned around and I stared in shock, Adam was naked watching me with his hand on his penis. He yelled at me and I fell to the floor, but then he told me to take off my clothes. He asked me to do things to him that he found in his father’s magazines, I did because I knew he would punish me if I didn’t. I remember after he was done just wanting my mom and trying hard not to think about the weird taste in my mouth or the blood running down my legs. “Happy birthday April you’re eight and older in all the ways you should be I love you…feel lucky” he whispered in my ear, those words are carved into my head like stone. I will never forget that night it was the worst night of my life. I went to therapy for many years and still no doctor or medicine can make me forget. The anger it has left on my heart, or rather the mistrust and self-worth issues it has caused. Remembering that night has torn me apart over the

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