The Yellow Haired Girl - Original Writing

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Once upon a time there was a purple haired girl, who loved to draw and make all kinds of different art. She could never show her art to anyone though because art was forbidden where she lived, so she kept it all a secret. Every day she made elegant art pieces proud of every little edit and design. She kept all of her art perfectly hung in a private hidden house in the woods that only she thought she could find. The hidden house was like her escape, her lovely escape where she could be anybody and draw anything. When she found the house the walls were falling apart, but she fixed them up and painted and drew all over them. She wanted to make it her own, so every day after school, she 'd take her time to relax and draw. One day while she was drawing she saw someone walk by the window. She was startled at the fact that someone else knew of this place. She peeked through the window to see a girl walking circles around the house. The girl was mysteriously breathtaking, every step she walked caused a small thump in her heart, yet she had to know who she was. Slowly and stealthy she creeped out the door and snuck up behind the mystery girl. "Umm hello?"The girl was startled and jumped around quickly almost falling. "Oh god I 'm sorry I scared you, are you okay?" "I- I 'm fine, I 'm sorry I didn 't know anyone was here." "So who are you stranger stalking my hide out?" "I 'm Anna, who are you owner of the hide out?" "I 'm Laura, and excuse me for asking like this, but why

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