The Youth Criminal Justice Act Essay

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Introduction In Canada when a young person gets in trouble with the law the punishment they will receive will be in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The Youth Criminal Justice Act was created in 2003. The main objective of this legislation is to hold youth accountable for their actions through the promotion of “rehabilitation” and “reintegration” (Youth Criminal Justice Act, 2002, S.3). Within the Canadian court system there is a youth court for individuals who get in trouble with the law while they are still under the legal age of 18 years. In Calgary, Alberta the youth courtrooms are located at the Calgary Courts Center building with is located on 601 5th Street SW. I attended youth court on Wednesday October 26, 2016 and Monday October 31th. This paper will shed light on the atmosphere of the youth courtroom; analyze how the criminal justice professionals are acting within the courtroom, discuss certain cases that went through the youth courts. Observations Court Room Atmosphere During my two days attending youth court I was in two separate courtrooms. The lay out of these courtrooms was fairly simple. There was a sitting area in the courtroom where individuals could be seated. The individuals seated in this area consisted of the accused parties in cases, witnesses, family of the victims and offenders and general members from the public. There was two stands, one for the defense counsel and one for the crown attorneys. Each side also had a stand for

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