The Youthworks ML2 Program Evaluation Taskforce

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During October 2017, the Department of Youth Development organized the YouthWorks ML2 Program Evaluation Taskforce to oversee and design this comprehensive program evaluation to assess 2015-2016 impact of services provided by the YouthWorks ML2 Program (a youth development afterschool program in Harrisville, SC.); and this program evaluation was guided by seven key evaluation questions that relate to program effectiveness, efficiency, outcomes, and enrollment demographics as discussed within this report; and program findings revealed the following:
• The YouthWorks ML2 program successfully achieved its goal of improving math, reading, and leadership skill levels.
• 81% of participants had an increase in math level.
• 65% of participants …show more content…

Services provided by ML2 are geared to reducing at-risk behaviors, renewing minds, and restoring hope in children of low-income families; and YouthWorks ML2 is guided by the recommended principles of the Afterschool Alliance and the U.S. Department of Education.
Program Objectives
The YouthWorks ML2 Program main program objectives are to:
1. Improve math, reading, and leadership skills.
2. Reduce at-risk behaviors and actions of participants.
3. Get participants involved in community service.
Program Strategies, Resources & Activities
According to the Afterschool Alliance, research reveals that after school programs should employ resources that implement strategies and activities designed to enhance academic achievement, actively engage participants, and expose participants to enrichment activities. Therefore, the YouthWorks ML2 Program provides strategies, resources, and activities via coordination, physical resources (community center, materials, supplies, etc.), technological resources (computers, internet, printers, etc.), mentoring services, partnerships, pre-and posttest assessments (SC PASS, SC-Alt., county exams, etc.), tutoring, summer camps (ML2 Computer Exploration, ML2 Coding & Game Design, ML2 Robotics, etc.),

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