The Zika Virus

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The Zika virus (ZIKV) is a mosquito-borne single-stranded RNA virus. It is in the family of Flaviviridae, genus Flavivirus. This virus causes a mild illness similar to dengue. The first case of ZIKV was identified in Uganda in 1947. Cases of this virus were rare until 2007 when a major epidemic happened in Yap Island, Micronesia. Now, epidemics have happened in Polynesia, Easter Island, the Cook Islands, Brazil, and New Caledonia (Ioos et al., 2014).
During the first week of infection, the virus is in the blood and can be passed from an infected person to a mosquito. An infected mosquito can then spread the virus to other people. The most common symptoms of ZIKV are fever, rash, joint pain, or red eyes. Other common symptoms include …show more content…

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