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The Zodiac Killer The late 1960’s and early 1970’s were a time of great change in America. The Vietnam War, the civil rights movement and the sexual revolution were just some of the issues on the evening news in American households. For citizens of the San Francisco Bay area, as well as the rest of California, the late 60’s early 70’represented terror, fear and death. “The bizarre and theatrical and still unresolved serial murders by real-life ghoul who called himself Zodiac, who claimed in letters to have killed 37 people (though police have focused on five homicides and two attempted murders in the greater Bay Area in 1968 and 1969” (Booth,2) have intrigued people for nearly four decades. How has Zodiac remained so elusive? What…show more content…
“The shot made a deafening blast, as the bullet entered David’s head blowing it apart” (Wark, 5). With David out of the way, the killer turned his attention back to Betty. “He pursued her through the woods, his gun drawn and shot her five times in the back from less than ten feet away”(Wark,5). David was still alive, but Betty was dead. In the ambulance David was able to give the police an account of the events that had taken place, but he died shortly after from his wounds. Upon investigation, the police came up with nothing, and ruled the murder a random homicide. Darlene Ferrin, a close friend of the first two victims, was the next victim of the Zodiac. On Friday, July 4th, 1969, Darlene made arrangements with friend Michael Mageau to go to the movies. Darlene picked Michael up from his apartment that evening, and from the beginning it was apparent that they were being followed. Darlene took many country back roads and traveled at very high speeds to try to lose the pursuing vehicle, but with no success. The vehicle forced Darlene’s car off of the road and into the parking lot of the Blue Rock Springs Golf course. Once the pursuer had sufficiently blocked them from any further movement in the car, he stepped out of his vehicle with a lantern in his hand. “Mike could feel intense heat throughout his body. He had been shot. The bullets were still being fired as Darlene slumped over the

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