The best advise ever

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The best advises That I have received From the moment you are born, everyone usually gives you advice and tells you how you should live your life. I always love listening to others’ advice, however, it does mean that I always follow them. In fact, the best advice I ever received was the advice from my parents, "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay then it's not the end". In fact, That advice was it taught in Arabic language. My parents’ advice was so right and appropriate. This advice was given to me in everything I did, from sports to school to my real goals. In addition, it gave me confidence that when bad things happened to me or things do not turn out the way I want them because of my parents’ advice I understood it…show more content…
I strongly believe that all things happens for a reason and that gave me hope. I was wondering and thinking all the good and bad things that happened in my life. people live and how even though at times it is very difficult to be thankful for the bad things that happen in my life but just remembering it in difficult situation helps me to calm down. I found it to be a great reminder to just keep on being
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