The 's Best Friend 's Maid

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In Mississippi during the 1960’s, a educated southern girl, Skeeter, returns from college and is determined to become a writer. Her friends back home drop out of school to become “Professional Husband Hunters.” Skeeter loses sight of her friends when she decides to interview the colored help who have spent their entire lives taking care of the rich southern white families. Skeeter’s best friend’s maid, Aibileen is the first one to open up even though the rest of her black community disagreed with her. They believed that it was too much of a risk. Eventually, more women came forward to share their story, and they all had a lot to say. The movie plays out and Skeeter tries to make a difference for the housekeepers. The Help portrayed many dogmatic beliefs from the rich white people. At that time, society believed that black and white people were unequal and white people were always superior. With that being, black people were always treated badly. To be explained to depth further on, housekeepers were asked to use the outside bathroom and not the household restroom. The inequality didn’t exist only in home but in public, as well. At the time, society believed that it was acceptable to discriminate and abuse people of color. The biggest internal conflict during this film was between all of the maids that helped on Skeeter’s story. They had to decide if they were willing to risk their lives, and their children’s for something that might make the whole situation even worse.

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