The 's Coat Of Arms Are Trust, Empathy, And Social Justice

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Introduction The qualities displayed in our group’s Coat of Arms are trust, empathy, and social justice, all of which are fundamental values in the field of nursing. These values are symbolized on the shield as two different colored leaning blocks, two overlapping circles, and a world that contains a red cross and three nurses respectively. Trust and empathy are both a component of the nurse-client relationship and they can shine light on a person’s well-being by promoting a warm and safe environment for the clients. Whereas social justice aims to promote one’s health by considering the client’s surroundings when delivering care. Finally, the last and simplest component of the shield is a banner that reads nursing, which ties Trust I believe that trust plays an important role in nursing as it is closely linked with positive outcomes such that it aids in educating clients and lessening anxiety. This is achieved by enabling a safe and open environment between two individuals, particularly between nurse and client as well as nurse and their colleagues. In a nurse-client relationship, the establishment of trust allows free interaction where the client feels safe to express oneself thereby providing accurate information which ultimately enables the nurse to foster care appropriately to the client’s needs. In order to gain a client’s trust, the nurse would take risks and expose their inner self and show other attributes such as confidence, empathy, and loyalty. Also, trust

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