Essay on Nursing Coat of Arms

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Nursing is a profession whose focus is not only to care for the physical aspects of an illness but also to integrate the psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of the client’s life into their care. The values of the nursing profession are based upon the teachings of Florence Nightingale; a pioneer of the nursing profession. Nursing is not only based on scientific knowledge and evidence-based practice, but also on a foundation of moral values that help provide the client with the most humane care possible. A Coat of Arms is the integration of a variety of symbols that illustrate the values of a family, person, or in this case; a profession. A Coat of Arms is not only used to symbolize values, but is perceived as a sign of honour and …show more content…

This value is represented in our coat of arms as the outline of a brain. This symbol was chosen because regardless of how different our knowledge base is or how extensive it is, it will always remain within our minds. Critical thinking is the ability to solve a problem by looking at its evidence, asking questions, analyzing answers, and being open-minded about the possible outcomes or causes of the problem. Critical thinking allows the nurse to effectively solve any problem that arises with a patient no matter how complex the problem may be. Critical thinking is illustrated in our Coat of Arms as a puzzle and a question mark, where the puzzle represents the complexity of the problem that has been attained or is being approached and the question mark depicts the ability to ask questions and to use knowledge to solve the problem. Next our Coat of Arms illustrates the figure of a lion. The lion was chosen to represent the value of leadership, which is immensely important to the nursing profession. Leadership is achieved in the nursing profession through education of both the nurse and client, and the ability to influence not only the client but also the community as a whole. Leadership also means that the nurse is able to support others in their quest to recovery of health, maintenance of health,

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