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Santa Iglesia Advanced English 1, Per. 7 14 November 2016 OMS Mini Research Paper The word man has a very simple definition: an adult male (“The Definition”). However, there are many symbols and meanings being it. A Native American picture known as “Man in a Maze,” originally called I 'itoi, depicts a man standing at the entrance of a maze. At the center is the man’s dreams where God greets him and passes him into the next world. The center is not easy to reach, for there are many twists and turns in the maze itself. The maze symbolizes life and the difficulties man has to go through to reach the end and move on. In this instance man is naive, but represents strength, and must go through the challenges faced through existence in order to find the way to the finish (“The Symbol”). Another simple, yet very complex word beyond its basic definition, is “old”. The book definition of old is to have existed for a long time (“I Found”). The word “old” is associated with wisdom because a lot of experience is thought to be gained during long periods of time. When combining the two words, old and man, a new and very intricate symbol is made. “Old man” symbolizes wisdom of humanity and the power of great knowledge. The phrase “old man” is also associated with high status and special powers because with great wisdom comes significant respect from less experienced individuals (Cirlot). Joe DiMaggio was a famous baseball player for the Yankees and was nicknamed “Yankee Clipper” who

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