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Article Summary Elkind (2004) describes his distinctive views on constructivism. This teaching model has been approached numerous times by different viewpoints. This type of model has been tested but has not been successfully implemented. “The lack of success in implementing this widely accepted educational epistemology into the schools can be attributed to what might be called failures of readiness” Elkind (2004). In this quote he states that in order for constructivism to work successfully, three major components must be in place; teacher readiness, curricular readiness and social readiness. One of the few major problems with “teacher readiness” is that many teachers will not get the support they need to effectively implement this…show more content…
With reforms like these, students are trained to do well on tests but cant see their true potential. Article Summary Jamin Carson presents counterarguments on the article “The Problem with Constructivism” by David Elkind (2004). David Elkind focuses on three major components on his article; teacher readiness, curricular readiness and societal readiness. Jamin immediately states that he fails to explain relationships between these forms of readiness and the implementation of constructivism and adds how there is only a casual relationship. Elkind makes a point that many teachers are not prepared to teach because of the minimal training they’ve received, and Jamin argues that many teaching preparation programs indeed do teach what is needed for a teacher to be successful and a big portion of what is taught is based on constructivism. With curricular readiness Elkind contradicts him self by saying the following “only when we successfully match children’s ability levels with the demands of the task can we expect them to reconstruct the knowledge we would like them to acquire” and then she says that by saying “we would like them to acquire” Jamin talks about how this phrase goes against constructivism metaphysics and epistemology. The third problem that Jamin argues about is social readiness, in Elkinds article is focuses on how in order for this model to be successful it has to reflect a broad and energized social consensus. Jamin then discusses how public education
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