No Child Left Behind and Standardized Testing Is Not Working

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Standardized testing has become something of a norm under the No Child Left Behind Act. It has left the student and teacher responsible in having high test scores and has forced teachers to teach directly by the curriculum. What standardized testing does do is help develop memory, but at the cost of creativity (Emanuel 9-10). This is the problem behind standardized testing is that it has become linear and obsolete (Emanuel 9-10). It has been noticed by many for example Sir Ken Robinson said,” Testing in principal is a logical way of measuring student knowledge”, but he continues by saying that, “In practice it creates a very dry learning environment”. This shows that the No Child Left Behind Act and standardized testing is not working,…show more content…
Politician do not want this, all they care about is the ability to say that they have higher test scores then everyone else. Until they do not learn that the test scores will not go up until they instill interest into students nothing will change (Slon 47-49). Another problem that inhabits the educational system is teachers who are unprepared to prepare students for the many standardized test that are given. An example would be that the average teacher in Finland must go through a grueling curriculum in order to become teachers (Schneider, and Christison 30-32). This shows that we lack in preparing our teachers to teach. This of course also leads to unpreparedness from students, to low test grades and a loss of interest. Teachers should become more flexible in the way they teach, allowing creativity and a way for the student to gain feedback from the teacher to want to learn more of the subject (Slon 47-49). In Creativity on the Brink the Arthur, Arlane Starko, explains of his trip to china. While there he encountered many questions from fellow educators that all asked the same question, how to teach creativity. The areas that he visited were known for having very high test scores, but the educators knew that high test scores won’t be enough to help in the future. The Chinese are masters of test taking yet their creativity level is almost nonexistent. China has become the example that Yong Zhao points out, “every choice we make about

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