The situation South Africa Caused By The Blind Acceptance Of Both Religious And Social Levels

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Throughout our existence as a human race, we have each left an everlasting mark on each other that has affected the mental state of every ethnicity and nation. Many times these marks have come to define the very way in which we view our selves in the world society. This is clearly seen in South Africa before, during, and after the apartheid. There we see a group of people who, despite being native to the land, are constantly oppressed by the by a foreign force being the Europeans. In the novel, Cry, The Beloved Country, Alan Paton depicts a stressed South Africa where its people are bent into accepting their place under the rule of their white oppressors. The story revolves primarily around Stephen Kumalo, a priest in a small South African…show more content…
Christ have mercy upon us. White man, have mercy upon us.” (58). It can be understood that this association shows the perception of the blacks to the whites. This is thought and perspective can be equivalent to the way man looks to the stars, so far above and impossible place to grasp and go. Also, in this quote, Paton is not associating White man with an angry God, but rather white man as a compassionate God. It is clear that this quote is not being said out of fear but instead with absolute necessity and fear of not knowing what to do without God or uncertainty. Lastly, it is important to note that once something is associated as an equivalent of God as this quote has done, it has been made practically irreplaceable. This means that not only have the native Africans have come to accept Christianity as a natural part of South Africa, but they have also admitted that the White man is also a natural part of Africa. From an unbiased viewpoint, the approval of Christianity and the dominance of the White men seen as a blessing can only invite more suffering for South Africa. There is no greater humiliation for a Nation in this world than to lose its native social customs and structures and be forced to be subject to alien customs from foreign lands. This breeds an inferiority disorder in the natives that mandates that they do not deserve even half as much rights as their white counterparts. In South Africa before and during the Apartheid, there were many laws

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