'The suffering in Frankenstein is undeserved'. How far and in what ways do you agree with the view of Shelley's presentation of suffering?

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‘The Suffering in ‘Frankenstein’ is undeserved’ – How far and in what ways do you agree with the view of Shelley’s presentation of suffering?
Frankenstein’s characters suffer in a couple of ways, psychologically such as through loneliness or through emotional pain of the death of close ones, and physical suffering. Shelley herself was an only child, so could have been considered lonely when she was younger, and her mother died, which is obviously a death of a close one. While suffering is deserved by some of the characters as they bring it upon themselves, some of the characters are not deserving of their suffering as it is thrust upon them.
The creature’s suffering is, at least initially, the most undeserved. He is brought into the
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I believe that the being did not deserve the suffering, however, for the fact that he only became bad because of others. It would mean that if he was born into a better society and treated better by its people, he would not have done what he did.
Victor Frankenstein, on the other hand, was deserving of the suffering he endured because a lot of it was his own fault. He keeps his family members at a distance to protect them; however, the protection of his family was probably a cover for wanting to be alone to create the being. He ran away from his own creation, and was egotistical, arrogant, and self-serving. He suffers from illness, the loss of family and friends, and is haunted by the thought of the pursuance of the creature. Frankenstein created “A new species (that) would bless me as its creator and source”. As you can tell from the quote, the creation was all for selfish reasons and he did not think of the consequences that would occur, leaving the creature, and not looking after him. This led to the creature being lonely, and the suffering caused to Frankenstein was in revenge for this – the creature began killing his family members. Elizabeth in the book is killed, but in the theatre production by Danny Boyle, Elizabeth is raped before being killed, increasing the suffering caused for Frankenstein in the play than compared with the book, and also of course
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