Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston

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A Development Through Marriage The ideas of love and marriage provoke excitement within the minds of many teenage girls. Yet as one grows older, they discover their previous expectations of love demolishes through experiences of heartache which correspond with the inevitable reality of love and relationships in the real world. Through her novel, “Their Eyes were Watching God,” Zora Neale Hurston displays a theme of love and marriage by describing Janie Crawford’s quest of finding unconditional love. While endeavoring challenges and hardship throughout her three marriages, Janie accumulates unique qualities which defines her truest self. Although beginning as a young and naive girl, Janie later blossoms into a strong and independent women. Janie eliminates all previous expectations of love as she experiences the reality of relationships. She discovers that love cannot be acquired through being married, yet is achieved through an equality within a marriage. After many troublesome relationships, Janie is able to acquire a meaningful relationship with her latest husband, which at last fulfills her horizon. At the early age of 16, Janie enters into the new adventures of adulthood and maturity through her marriage to an older man, Logan Killicks. Being a naive teenager, Janie believes love may be learned, and acquired simply through marriage. Due to the fact that Logan works all day, their relationship is unfulfilling and Janie quickly becomes lonely and bored. All of her

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