Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Hurston Essay

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Hurston In the novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neal Hurston is about a young woman named Janie Crawford who goes on a journey of self discovery to find her independence. The book touches on many themes like gender roles, relations, independence and racism however racism isn’t mainly focused upon in the book which some writers felt should have been. Some felt that the representation of black characters should have been better role models. Zora Hurston’s novel wasn’t like other black literature. The challenges of what black writers had to face in representing black culture and history were manly focuses on racism and the representation of black culture and history however Zora Hurston novel was about independence and turned away from the stereotypical structure of black literature; focusing more on black women has to deal with in a patriarchy structure. Which can be shown by Janie’s relationships with her grandmother, Logan Killlicks, Jody Stark , and Tea Cake. In the world she was living in we learned how much her world was dominated by male oppression and so Janie tries to separate herself from that. In the beginning of the book when Janie is telling her story to her best friend Phoebe she mentions that she didn’t know she was black when she was really young till she saw herself in picture next to some white kids and didn’t recognize herself. Nora Hurston brings this in the book to show how far Janie had come by the end of the book. As a black women and also

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