Theme Of Alienation In Eugene O 'Neil's The Hairy Ape'

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Theme of Alienation depicted in Eugene O’Neil’s ‘The Hairy Ape’ Lingamurthy Mukeera Assistant professor Dept. of English Methodist College of Engineering & Technology Hyderabad Telangana 500008
Life in the United States of America became more difficult andcomplicated at the beginning of the twentieth century because of thetechnological developments, schools of thoughts, literary
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TheStudy focuses on the way of shaping and visualizing the hero in eachplay, to explain the flaws and the conflicts of each one which is in turnconstitute the American identity.

In The Hairy Ape(1921), O’Neill creates the portraitof a man who unable to find a place for himself. He discusses the concept of displacement of the character. This play isessentially a one character drama, O'Neill explained in it that theAmerican individual has no room in the American house, and he showsthe dislocation of the American man inside the capitalist Americansystem. Yank, the hero, could not find a place in a society based onmaterialistic and capitalistic
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In 1922 he presents his play The Hairy Ape. In this play he exposes animportant problem that was common in the world in general and in theAmericasociety in particular. It discusses the alienation of the Americanindividual in the modern technological age and the lost identity of thoseindividuals. He, in this play, shows the lost identity of the modernAmerican man and his futile attempts in regaining it. The Hairy Ape is aone character play which shows the reality and the bad conditions of the American society.

The play talks about the reality of the working class. Yank, Paddy,and Long are the central characters with Mildred, the representative of theupper class. Yank is the leader of the firemen on a steamship. Early in theplay Yank is strong, powerful and confident of himself and his existence.He glorifies himself and his strength; he resembles himself with themachines that he serves. He thinks of himself as the leader and the primemover of all machinery, he is the maker of the steel. He ‘belongs’, ofcourse, that is his favorite word. He has found a place for him and he issatisfied with
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