Theme Of Change In The Song Of Solomon

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Change is inevitable. People change, places change, everything is constantly changing and evolving. Toni Morrison writes the American literature novel, The Song of Solomon, as a way to portray the difficulties of change among people and society from 1931 to 1963. Milkman Dead lives in an oppressive society where there is no change. At the age of thirty, he lives with his parents, Ruth and Macon Dead, and sisters First Corinthians and Magdelena called lena. Because of this, he does not know how to be independent, which is important in the growth process. Milkman’s society is a philistine, making him unable to grow because he is a black mane living in a culture of stagnation. Like those around him, Milkman shows no signs of change in the…show more content…
Death means no movement, no ability to change or grow. “People die when they want to and if they want to,” (Morrison 140) according to Milkman, and he is dead at age four because he lost all interest in himself. Milkman is unable to see outside of himself to see the society and the people around him. On the the night of the news of Emmett Till, Milkman is walking on the side of the street with all the people shows that he is absent minded. He, “Never once wondered why he himself did not cross to the other side of the street, where no one was walking at all” (Morrison 78). Nevertheless, this emphasizes the fact that he is oblivious, can not see outside of himself, and take another perspective. Being able to take on another perspective is one of the first steps to change. Without change, there is nothing to learn from. Both Milkman and Emmett Till are dead, however Emmett Till is actually dead while Milkman is dead on the inside. Milkman is also using the template of Macon, his father, as a guide to be a “man”. He does not have the awareness to create himself. All he has done so far is copy his father in order to define himself, thus he lacks immaturity. Both Milkman and his father, Macon Dead, are egocentric and only think of themselves. Milkman doesn’t even know the difference between his mother and sisters, they all look the same to him. This myopic way of seeing the people around him allows him to become isolated. . He is on
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