Theme Of Dichotomies In The Great Gatsby

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In a court of law, it is imperative that judiciary representatives evaluate and consider conflicting contentions from opposing sides of an argument. Since every human possesses a level of bias, the duty of the representatives requires practice in order to be considered “advanced”. This aspect of the legal field poses similarities to a method commonly used in literature. Authors utilize dichotomies and parallels to enhance the reader’s understanding of a novel. F. Scott Fitzgerald implements dichotomies within the first three chapters/parties of The Great Gatsby to further his reader’s comprehension of setting, characterization, values, and essential intimations in his storyline. Fitzgerald specifies both unique and overlapping details throughout the first three parties of his novel to exaggerate a dichotomy between the three settings, which contributes to the reader’s understanding of his intended purpose. The first party was hosted by the Buchanans in East Egg. At the start of the gathering, Nick notes that Daisy was watching for the “longest day” of sun (Ch 1, Pg 6). Daisy also states that it was “ten o’clock” around the time Nick left the party (Ch 1, Pg 10). By combining both of these details, it can be assumed that throughout the majority of the party the sun was out, and it was light. However, at Jay Gatsby’s party in West Egg, Nick remains at the party from seven pm, to two am the next morning (Ch 3). Thus, the party at Gatsby’s residence was primarily in the dark,
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