Theme Of Equality In The Kite Runner

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Equality is something we humans crave for when we are in a time of hardship. When we are being discriminated against, we feel the utmost pain and the need for freedom. Discrimination has lingered since the beginning of time, and ending it is impracticable. A French novelist, Honore de Balzac proclaims, “Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact.” Here, Balzac is acknowledging that an individual is born a free man and is just as equal as any other man. But, an individual will never be fully equal as they desire. Some parts of society will try to act superior to a certain quality of someone’s life, like their race, religion, culture, etc. This statement proves to be valid in Khaled Hosseini’s novel, …show more content…

This exhibits the Pashtun beliefs towards Hazaras; they were just scum. Hazaras would be constantly pushed out of the involvement of the Pashtuns even in circumstances of true love. In life, one has the right to love, but it’s never a fact that people will agree with your choosing. Just because Homaira was a Hazara, she could never see Rahim Kahn again, because of Pashtun belief. Through the history pertaining to Pashtun-Hazara relationships full equality isn’t obtainable in the novel because of religious discriminators. In addition, equality is difficult to find in the novel through gender discrimination. Women have very different roles in Afghanistan society and are treated unlike those in America. In Afghanistan, there are arranged marriages, which are forced marriages usually done upon the father of the bride. Women are unable to marry who they truly love, unless they get lucky. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for Sanaubar, Ali’s wife. Ali and Sanaubar are, “First cousin[s] and therefore [he is] a natural choice for a spouse” (8). This reveals that Sanaubar, nineteen, was forced into a relationship with Ali and that women’s roles are different from those of men. Women don’t get the firsthand choice on who they marry. Therefore, It wouldn’t be fair for women to marry the person they didn’t

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