Theme Of Freedom Song By Amit Chaudhuri

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Thus, Khuku’s character described in this novel. Khuku’s songs portraits her character and being the backbone of the story. Lost heart on a verdant road I gather strewn flowrs By myself - [Page No.159] Then, in the 90’s the country especially Calcutta city had communal threaten. Amit Chaudhuri describes the condition thus here. “CRPF soldiers, three months ago, and before then, they’d appeared when the roads were silent, waiting for riots to break out in the city through they eventually hadn’t. Sleepy-eyed waving at the children. As if they were passing through, a peace keeping force on their way elsewhere” - [Page No.227] In the front page of the novel, publishers, praise for Freedom Song consists these lines. “Chaudhuri is a poet’s novelist, not just in the sensibility but in technique. All this, …show more content…

- [Page No.287] Run of the mill Bengali nourishment "luchi", "omelet", "pithha" and the way of life of inviting individuals are what Amit Chaudhuri has endeavored to display in the initial couple of pages of the novel. He has extremely well woven Bengali life into an unpredictable structure by speaking to the multi-faceted parts of the Calcuttans inside a system surcharged against a political back ground: There was a message on the wall outside: C.P.I.(M.) FOR UNITY AND HARNMONY AMONG ALL THE COMMUNITIES. A man, wearing pyjamas, a shirt, and a sleeveless pullover, came to the door and said: ‘you’re late’. ‘Give it to me, don’t waste time’ said Bhaskar. The man in the sleeveless pullover emerged with a pile of Ganashakti and transferred it from his arms to Bhaskar’s. - [Page No.290] With the to a great extent even tenor of their lives shaping a foundation cadence, Chaudhuri gradually presents two dangerous subjects - the swelling current of hostile to Muslim feeling in the post-Babri Masjid days, and the relentless disintegrating of a specific lifestyle that used to stamp

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