Theme Of Futility In The Thousand Faces Of Night

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Alone in the house with Mayamma, an old house-keeper, and Baba’s orphaned books after his departure for New York, Devi was engulfed by an awesome loneliness and a wave of uselessness. Her sense of futility overwhelmed her as both the men she had trusted and loved, her father and father-in-law escaped from the “tortured grip of the pain, loneliness and guilt” (84), by dying and her gentle mother-in-law, Parvathiamma by fleeing the house in search of God long before her arrival. Drawn to ‘Kritya’ in Baba’s books more than the ‘kritis’ he quoted earlier, Devi was filled with furry as she was expected to swallow her hard earned education and follow her husband’s “self contained footprints” (84) with clumsy and stumbling feet. While she still tried…show more content…
Mayamma, the old caretaker-cum-governess-cum-cook at Mahesh’s house, lived all her life satisfying others. Married at twelve to a useless gambler who came to her every night, “his large hairy thighs rough and heaving on her” (80), she knew no happiness in marriage. When two years of marriage brought forth no child, she incurred the wrath of her mother-in-law, did penance to change the course of her life, invoked the names of all the gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon, till she finally gave birth to a male child. Eight years later her husband worn into middle age, with dissipated excess, disappeared taking with him all the money in the house. Though Mayamma never saw him again, she found his replica in their son. A wastrel from birth, he threatened and cursed and even beat his mother till he finally caught fever and died: “The day he died, Mayamma wept as she had not done for years. She wept for her youth, her husband, the culmination of a life’s handiwork: now all these had been snatched form her” (82). On that day leaving behind her home forever, Mayamma came to Parvatiamma’s-Mahesh’s mother-house and stayed on to tend to the kitchen and
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