Dark Night Of The Soul: A Literary Analysis

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Our human species is dated back to more than 200,000 years ago, now if we can attain a significant lesson that our ancestors have passed down to us, it would definitely be to keep learning and writing. Many past generations and societies have been destroyed by diseases, famine, and due to their lack of knowledge and their capability to reason. Considering the Egyptians were very intelligent, few of their inventions that we still use till this day are geometry, the pen, and papyrus, which is used as paper. But even so, they were wiped out by the thousands from diseases. However, humans have yet to reach their highest potential but by attaining knowledge through literature, one can endure lessons from the past without having to experience it.
In the “Dark Night of the Soul” Miller claims that, “the reading and writing that teachers and their students do about literature and culture more generally might not be all that important.” Though how can Miller claim that literature is not useful, when his writings are presented to students particularly, in my english class. Therefore it is also irrelevant that he is writing to initiate question upon this matter, in result of this topic my brain has been activity working. Indeed literature, reading, and …show more content…

In that case, humans have advanced through time due to reading and writing. For this reason, humanity has evolved into a society that relies on technology as if it is oxygen. The Internet has made plenty of resources available to increase our knowledge. For instance, Google and Youtube are being utilized for books and research for colleges which is convenient for the students. More importantly, education and technology go hand and hand. With the proper education, through extensive logic, it allows one to envision the future advancement in technology that will ultimately benefit our children and their

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