Theme Of Identity In The Bluest Eye

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Pecola cannot fly and will never fly, since only through self-acceptance could her soul soar. Morrison clearly states that an individual or community identity cannot be acquired as long as those individuals and communities acquiesce in and conform to the oppressive definitions of the mainstream culture.
The Bluest Eye is one of the finest pieces of English literature. This masterpiece is written by Toni Morrison. Here in this novel The Breedlove family has shown the individual identity and perception of beauty perfectly. The Breedlove family is a group of people under the same roof, a family by name only. Cholly the head person of the family is always drunk and an abusive man. His abusive is apparent towards his wife and daughter. He abuses his wife Pauline physically and his daughter Pecola sexually. Pauline works as a “mammy” in a white family and prefers to favor them over her biological family. Pecola is a little black girl with low self-esteem. The world had forced her to believe that she is ugly and she must have blue eyes, if she wants to look beautiful. Therefore, every night she prays before sleeping that she will wake up with blue eyes. She was brought up as a poor unwanted girl in the society. But Pecola always desired the acceptance and love of society. The image of ‘Shirely Temple Beauty’ surrounds her. The idea that she must have blue eyes, if she wants to look beautiful has been imprinted on
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Cholly hurts Pecola badly instead of loving her and takes away from her the one thing that was completely hers. After the rape, Pecola was so sad to see, and she went insane. Pecola’s quest for identity was defined by her everlasting desire to be loved. Her purpose in life was to be beautiful and to be loved, but her family and the community made it impossible for her. Thus, Pecola failed to set up her own identity in the
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