Theme Of Inequality In Beyond The Beautiful Forevers

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There are certain people who think we create our own destiny in life. They believe that we are born as equals, and we shape and mold our future based upon our choices. Then, there are others who believe our destiny is predetermined before we are even born. They think that greatness or failure is beyond our grasp, that the life of a human is like a roadmap, and every destination is marked for our arrival. As much as I’d like to believe that everyone starts life with a clean slate, his or her chances of success as equal as everyone else’s, I don’t think there is true equality at birth. Children are born into impoverished families, who require their kids to stay home and work rather than get an education. There are kids who are born into families of abuse, neglect, and harsh words. In society, we do not begin life as equals. “Beyond the Beautiful Forevers” by Katherine Boo discusses inequality throughout the entire story. Weather it is Fatima the one leg, women, or the poor trash collectors of the slums, Katherine provides rich insight into a society that is riddled with corruption, where nothing is equivalent at all. By showing how people are born unequal, Katherine reveals the true theme of the book; inequality throughout society.

One piece of inequality seen is the book is when Abdul gets falsely accused of driving Fatima to the point of suicide during a quarrel. Abdul was sentenced to jail without any concrete proof against

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