Theme Of Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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“The Lord of the Flies,” by William Golding, is about a group of British boys who were stranded in an island after they survived the plane crashing into the Pacific ocean. Two of the most important characters are Ralph and Jack. When the boys are stranded on the island, two different types of leaders rise, the good and the bad, showing the difference between savagery and civilization. Leadership plays a big role in “Lord of the Flies.” Having strong leadership qualities is a good thing, but not all leadership qualities are positive. A worthy leader should have confidence, think maturely, be empathetic, determined, dedicated and, in general, be a good person. A bad leader would have lack of empathy, poor judgement, resist new ideas, and act too bossy. In this novel, William Golding exemplifies good and poor leadership qualities through the characters of Jack and Ralph.
Since the beginning of William Golding’s novel, you can tell that Ralph was born to be a leader. Although he was not physically the strongest person, he still exemplifies better leadership qualities than Jack for a few reasons. As one of the older boys, it was natural for him to take on the leadership role. In the beginning, the majority of the boys voted for Ralph instead of Jack because he was less aggressive. Ralph was very responsible, attentive, and understanding to the other boys’ feelings and well-being. Since he is Chief, he makes the decisions and executes them as friendly commands. When the boys

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