Theme Of Love In The Book Thief

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The Book Thief is set in Nazi Germany where showing the smallest acts of love and compassion were sometimes considered as crimes. Love is shown in the form of loyalty, camaraderie and love of family. Although, love is often thought to be romantic but love in The Book Thief is not. The novel is mostly controlled by death and cruelty. Showing love will always be stronger than hate because loving something comes more naturally to humans than hating. Markus Zusak suggests that love is ultimately stronger than hate, when Hans Hubermann slaps his foster daughter, Liesel Meminger, across the face, when Rosa Hubermann looks after Frau Holtzapfel or when Hans Hubermann gives a Jew the crust of a stale piece of bread. These incidents might not look as if they’re examples of love, but they are.

The Book Thief shows love in ways you would not expect it to be shown in. just after the burning of books, Liesel sits down and Hans asks her what’s wrong. She asks if her mother was a communist and if Hitler had taken her away. “‘I hate the Führer, she said. ‘I hate him.’” Hans then slaps Liesel across the face. In actual fact, Hans agreed with Liesel but they were in public and she had said it out loud. He had slapped her because he loved her. Hans and Liesel lived in a time where the entire country was against an entire race. This hatred is a form of racism and if anyone had heard Liesel say that, both Liesel and Hans would be in peril. Love is not usually shown in the form of slapping

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