Theme Of Madness In Hamlet

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Is Hamlet Sane or Insane-That is The Question Madness is a trait which it is difficult to tell its authenticity. The theme of madness is an essential piece in William Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet, the protagonist, Hamlet, who just lost his father, and having his uncle, Claudius marrying to his mother, Gertrude weeks after, he is very upset about the events and became very depressed. When Hamlet meets the ghost of his father, he decides to put an antic disposition on and started acting crazy as a part of his plan in order to discover if his father’s been murder or not. From time to time, Hamlet’s act of lunacy gets out of control and eventually caused him to lose his sense of reality and actually go insane, just like when he sees the ghost in his mother’s room, but Gertrude did not see or hear a thing, and he starts to lose his logical sense at the end when he is talking to the Osric and his best friend, Horatio. Finally, Hamlet’s antic disposition overtakes his rationality, controls him, and leads him to his downfall and many others around him. First of all, there are many situations that prove Hamlet is rational and totally pretending to be a lunatic. After the ghost reveals to Hamlet that his father was murdered in his sleep by his own blood brother Claudius, Hamlet decided “to put an antic disposition on.”(1.5.173) This event suggests that Hamlet is still being rational and thinking logically and he chooses to act insane instead of actually being insane, in order

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