Theme Of Saving Mr Ugwu By Lin Robinson

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Delprøve 2: “Saving Mr Ugwu”

Ethnic, racial and religious discrimination has been a well-known topic across the world, for many centuries and to this day it’s still a very complicating factor in our society. Cities and countries is divided by issues such as religion or even the color of the skin. We can see issues like these that has caused wars across the world through history and by now. We would think that people would know better than that, but we still see wars based on religious differences and hierarchies between the social classes. In the short story “Saving Mr Ugwu” by Lin Anderson the conflicts between skin color, ethnicity and religion is shown through the consequences of the nigerian civil war that, divided ethnic groups more than they
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After all, and he nods his head at this thought, he was educated in the British school in Lagos and spent a year in London after graduation”.

In the short story, the point of view is from a third person narrator but there is one place in the short story where the narrator is in first person “ “He waits for rain as you or I wait for a knock at the door; for the telephone to ring; listening.” p. 1 ll. 2-3. This shift in narrator gives the readers a chance to relate with the main character. The main character in the short story is Mr Ugwu whom the reader follows. The main character in the short story is reliable and the readers of the short story can read about both his feelings, thoughts and opinions through the whole story.
In the short story the narrator knows everything about the main character Mr Ugwu and the reader gets an insight in his thoughts about the massive sacrifices the family have made, from living in the big city and then moving out in the
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