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Comparison Essay It might seem like ´´The Marble Champ´´ and ´´Big-Enough Anna´´ are very different kinds of stories. One is a picture book about a dog, named Anna that wants to be a sleddog. The other is a short story about a girl named Lupe who wants to be good at sports. But if you look closer you will see that these two stories actually share the same theme, hard work pays of and you should never give up. In ´´Big-Enough Anna,´´ the author shows us that even though there will be trouble on the way you should never give up and you need to work hard to get through it. In the beginning of the story, Anna the protagonist, was the smallest dog in the litter, but she was the hardest worker. She was the first one to wonder outside and the first one to get a harness put on her. She was a hard worker and she followed her dream to become a sleddog. When Douggie the lead dog ran away and got lost Anna, the smallest dog, was put in lead position. She had to lead her team through the arctic. It was hard work but Anna was a hard worker and she never gave up in leading her team safely. When…show more content…
In the beginning of the story, Lupe, also the protagonist, wants to be good at sports but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't do any sports. She never gave up because she finally found a sport she could play, marbles. In the middle of the story, Lupe practiced and practiced working hard to accomplish her goal, to win the marbles championship. At the end of the story, Lupes hard work pays off. She actually wins the marbles championship. It made her feel so good about herself and she was finally good at, at least one sport. She was glad that she never gave up and took the hard work and time to win the marbles championship. The lesson in this story is clear, too: if you take the time to work towards your goal you might just achieve
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