Theme Of Society In Brave New World

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Society in the 1930s was, to put it bluntly, sporadic. Society itself was all over the place with war and conflict taking place overseas. People begin to rely heavily on the crumbling economy and alternatives to quell their personal grief as society starts to fall into shambles.
Many of which became drug dependent. In the novel “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley portrayed this society in an exaggerated state to symbolize the totalitarian and drug dependent society of the 1930s. Huxley uses blatant irony in this novel such as the “perfect technologically advanced” society in which the inhabitants of the novel reside in. This contrasts heavily with the society of the 1930s, and in doing so, emphasizes the irony of the world’s current state. This drug and sex dependent, corrupt, brainwashed society reflects the false, yet convincing, reassurance provided by the government in the late 1920s-1930s. Huxley also uses multiple allusions throughout his novel to connect it to the current society such as the assembly line creator, Henry
Huxley’s use of irony heavily emphasizes the state of society in the 1930s. During that era, the Depression was marked as the most devastating downfall of the economy known to man.
Society fell as a whole and in the process, the country became highly disorganized. People became drug dependent and sex crazed to escape their mundane reality. In Brave New World, their economy and society is orderly. The state of people’s finances are stable, and the
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