Theme Of Suspense

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In the world of film, suspense has been included as one of the elements that’s guides the audience throughout the film. Suspense is a feeling mixed with excitement and tension which draws the audience into the story and generate a feeling of driving force. Suspense can be felt in all kind of films, it is mostly felt whenever an observed suspended drama is left uncertain, with anxiety and pressure being the prime feeling felt as part of the circumstances leaving the audience to wonder what will happen next.
You can’t talk about suspense without knowing the history of the director who used suspense effectively in almost of his films from the 1920s, his name is Alfred Hitchcock, he was nicknamed "The master of suspense". Although, suspense has
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We are sitting here and having an innocent conversation. Let us assume that there is a bomb under this table between us. suddenly there is a loud boom and the bomb goes off. The audience is surprised, but before this surprise they have only seen a very ordinary scene without any significance. Let us instead look at suspense scene. The bomb is under the table and the audience is aware of this because they have seen the anarchist plant it there. They also know that the bomb will go off at one o’clock, and up on the wall is a clock showing that the time is now quarter to one. In the first scene, we have given the audience 15 seconds of surprise but in the last scene we have given them fifteen minutes of…show more content…
Montage could be used to create repeated pattern of movement in a film, with changes in cut to show excitement through editing. Famous director Alfred Hitchcock used montage to create suspense in one of his early films, Psycho, A woman was murdered in her shower by an unknown killer, Hitchcock cuts between the woman and the killer's knife which gives the audience a better understanding that the woman has been murdered, without showing the knife penetrating her. This method of suspense allows the audience to picture an event by showing different pieces of it while still having control on the
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