Theme Of The True Confession Of Charlotte Doyle

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Ernest Hemingway once said that "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." He clearly knew that the only way to know if you could trust someone is to give them a chance to break their trust. The theme of the story, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi, is to know people before you trust them, for not everyone can be trusted. The author first develops a theme when Charlotte tries to give the dirk back to Zachariah he tells her that she may never know what might happen and that she needs to keep it to stay safe. Charlotte didn't know what she would need to stay safe from because that Zachariah never described it clearly to her so she didn't trust him about needing the dirk. Later she even wanted to throw it overboard! If Charlotte had truly known who she should trust, (Zachariah and not Captain Jaggery) it would have saved her a lot of trouble like being seen with the dirk and later being accused of owning the dirk and killing Mr. Hollybrass. All in all, if Charlotte had known who to trust she would have known that Zachariah could be trusted and that it was Captain Jaggery who was untrustworthy. A few …show more content…

About how Zachariah was still alive and living in the brig, and that Charlotte was going to break into the captains quarters and steel the key to the gun cabinet to take them and start another mutiny. If Charlotte knew who to trust and knew who everyone on the ship for who they really were, then she wouldn’t have almost died when the captain would have pushed her off the ship if he hadn't lost his footing and fell into the water. Overall, if Charlotte had known who Keetch really was, (her enemy) then she wouldn’t have told him and she would have been able to take the key and start the mutiny. However, if she still didn’t know who Keetch really was then the mutiny would be over within

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