Theme Of Women In The Legend Of Gilgamesh

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Society generalizes the history of past cultures to place greater importance on men, but many ancient texts refute this point. Throughout history, influential pieces of literature have placed great emphasis on the significance of women in life. This pattern begins back in Mesopotamia with The Legend of Gilgamesh, which is one of the only living stories with such age. The pattern continues to be demonstrated thousands of years later in ancient Greece with Euripides’s Medea. In both of these stories, women are portrayed as beings with unrivaled powers to control men through the ability to comprehend their visions, an incredible capacity to manipulate them, and access to items that grant them unworldly power. To begin with, women understand the dreams of men. In the Legend of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh’s mother is a wise and all-knowing god called Ninsun the wild cow. After Gilgamesh has a confusing dream, Ninsun explains, “My son the axe you saw is a man. Loving it like a woman and caressing it, And my making it your partner Means there will come to you a strong one, A companion who rescues a friend, He will be mighty in the land, strength will be his, Like the strength of heaven, so mighty will be his strength” (106). Ninsun is able to understand the images in Gilgamesh’s mind as his lifelong friend Enkidu entering his life. Her ability to understand Gilgamesh shows how women are able to comprehend men even when they are lost in their own thoughts. Due to women having these

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