Theme of Brotherly Love in Sonny’s Blues’ and The Red Convertible

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Theme of Brotherly Love
Humanity experiences and shares different types of love because of its social nature, love that is synonymous with affection exist between likeminded and behavioral beings; brotherly love exists between siblings born to one mother or father o a combination of both. Although this definition is subjective, brotherly love extends beyond ones kinship to include persons whom you share same beliefs and values in life, in religious circles brotherly love is shown to members whom you share with same doctrines. The theme of brotherly love is illustrated in the story ‘Sonny’s Blues’ and ‘The Red Convertible’ using literary language and by use of stylistic devices amazingly. Both stories have brothers as protagonists. This paper illustrates the theme of brotherly love in the stories and gives relevant citations as examples.
Sonny’s Blues is a novella with Sonny and his brother a teacher as main characters; Sonny engaged in drug use and peddling an act that landed him prison where his brother visited him and eventually on release he lived with him. Sonny’s parents died at different times during the racial segregation epoch in America, they were African-Americans who suffered victimization. Before her mother’s death, she had instructed Sonny’s senior brother - a teacher- to take care of him because the surrounding world was dark symbolic for unfriendly. The theme of brotherly love begins when their mother requests them

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