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In a world of manifest superheroes, Mrs. de Winter, in Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Rebecca, though quite an unanticipated heroine, proves to be selfless and courageous, the very definition of a hero. Her name never being mentioned, Mrs. de Winter, also the story’s narrator, stands in direct contrast to the story’s vilest character, Rebecca, and her sinister housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers. By observing the characters and setting of Rebecca, we manage to catch a glimpse of the author’s personal life and how it may have influenced the writing of her novel. The daughter of two actors, Sir Gerald du Maurier and Muriel Beaumont, Daphne du Maurier grew up in the Menabilly mansion in Cornwall, England. Her childhood home is thought to be represented…show more content…
Rebecca was just that with its vivid poetry and scheming plot, Rebecca was able to transport its readers to another world. Though having been published at such a strenuous time when society more easily focused on the negative aspects of life, by writing a novel like Rebecca, du Maurier proved that even though it wasn’t apparent, if you looked hard enough you could find some good amidst the evil, there was a hero among the monsters. By never mentioning Mrs. de Winter’s first name, du Maurier gives her heroine a certain amount of anonymity and makes her a type of “backdoor heroine”. Throughout the novel, the reader’s attention is immersed in the mystery that is Rebecca. Although the story is narrated by Mrs. de Winter and every event is wrapped around its effect on her character, even so, one manages to focus more readily on Rebecca. However, if one analyses the novel then it becomes evident that du Maurier’s purpose was for the reader to identify Mrs. de Winter as the heroine and she does this by intentionally leaving out her name as an effective way of making the character appear to be a lesser person than Rebecca, so that she is less confidant, less capable, less attractive to Maxim, not even a significant enough person to be named (Willmore). All this, to place an even greater emphasis on Mrs. de Winter’s selflessness. In contrast to Mrs. de Winter’s selfless qualities, Mrs.

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