Themes In Escape From Spiderhead By George Saunders

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Imagine living in a world where your mistakes can make you the lab rat of a scientific experiment. You have two options, either go to prison or become a living human rat for scientists to manipulate and test. Once a mistake is made and you get put into a world where you wear a pack filled with different variations of drugs to test. Your name is called and you head into a small observation room to get your first dose of drugs for the day. Throughout the day you continue to get tested on and experience the effects of new drugs in the making. This idea may seem like a far stretch from today’s reality, however this may be the direction we are headed. The short story, “Escape from Spiderhead”, is a sneak peek into the not so far future. George Saunders is a brilliant writer who challenges his audience to think about real world problems in an unusual way. Through this short story, it is evident that Saunders is presenting the conflict between a cruel, destructive environment and the psychological oppression of the characters in the story. The themes of this story can also be seen in some aspects of today’s world. Saunders uses the laboratory as the setting for this story. The characters in the story go through a daily routine of being tested all day long and then sleeping. The destructive environment is created by administering drugs to human beings. Not only do some drugs harm the prisoners, but also the drugs have not been approved to be used. With this being said, the

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