Themes In Romeo And Juliet

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But written over four hundred years ago, do the concepts, messages, layout and more in Romeo and Juliet still remain relevant to audiences around the world today? Themes in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, and with its ardent and realistic treatment of universal themes such as love and fate, the story has become timeless. Teenagers right up to the elderly can empathise with or find these themes interesting. This story can be interpreted in multiple ways, and still understood and relate to people everywhere, regardless of their culture, background or differing lives. Romeo and Juliet is a tale of two "star-crossed" lovers, whom fortune has not smiled upon. Love is a predominant theme conveyed within Romeo and Juliet. Physical attraction is implied when Friar Lawrence states, "Young men's love lies not in their hearts, but in their eyes" indicating that Romeo seems to love base on physical appearance. He switches from loving Rosaline to loving Juliet, almost overnight. Friar Lawrence believes that it is not true love, but lust. Romeo resembles an ordinary young teen as he bases his love on appearance, which individuals, even adults still do in today’s world. As a result, Romeo and Juliet effectively impact modern audiences as they can relate and empathize with Romeo. Also, their stages or steps of love (i.e. marriage) was very quick paced. Even Juliet admitted, at the balcony scene, that their love is “too rash, too unadvised; too sudden, too like lightning..” The

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