William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: Infatuation or Love?

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The play Romeo and Juliet has been considered to be the most touching love story of all time, but when you look closer and past all the initial “fantasies”, you see the truth. Romeo and Juliet believed that they were in love because of the mere idea of it, however based on their actions and the short amount of time that the stages of their “love” progressed in, it soon became clear that what they were actually feeling was infatuation.
Romeo, you see, may have possibly convinced himself that he loved Juliet. We all know that our friends do influence our decisions, and Benvolio’s constant nagging about finding a new love may have taken its toll on Romeo.
“Be ruled of me, forget to think of her.” (Act 1, Scene 1. Pg. 25.)
“Go thither; and, with unattained eye,
Compare her face with some I shall show,
And I will make thee think thy swan a crow.” (Act 1, Scene 2. Pg. 35.)
Not only the day before, had Romeo been in love with another girl, Rosaline. We can clearly see this when Romeo says:
“Out of her favour, where I am in love.” (Act 1, Scene 1. Pg. 21.)
“In sadness, cousin. I do love a woman.” (Act 1, Scene 1. Pg. 23.)
However, when Romeo attends a ball for simply the fact that Rosaline would have been there, he sees Juliet and instantly ‘falls in love’. Sure, we have all heard of the popular saying “It was love at first sight”, but how much of us really believe it? For how many of us does this actually apply to? Chances of ‘love at first sight’ is zero to none. And Romeo and

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