Themes In 'The Dare' By Roger Hoffman

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The Dare by Roger Hoffman is a short story that conveys feelings and emotions of a seventh grade boy who had undertaken an extremely risky adventure. The essay is written by the author in his adulthood, but, nevertheless, he still manages to create this essay as if he is still in his childhood. Hoffman uses stylistic devices like metaphor, imagery, simile, and personification to create meaning in the short story, The Dare. This story is a about a boy named Roger who was intelligent and got A’s on everything unlike his other friends who didn’t, was struggling to make the cut in a tough Atlanta grammar school. He was teased by his friends that he’d never be one of the guys in junior high if he didn't dirty up his act. To prove that he wasn’t just a goody-goody, he accepted the dare by his friends to dive under a moving train. This essay is well structured and provides a clear setting and introduction to the main event. This was the day that changed Roger’s viewpoint on life. Hoffman uses metaphors as stylistic devices when he describes himself accepting the dare. Hoffman was afraid to do the dare but he accepted it anyways, just to prove a point. To soothe his anxiety, he created an image about a “friendly train” and runs next to it. He also uses imagery to describe the small details on what's exactly going on while he’s doing the dare. “Even under pure sky, though, I had to fight to keep my eyes open and my shoulders between the rails.”, meaning that he was very afraid that
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