Themes In The Incomplete Quad By David Sedaris

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Quince Harding

A lot of non-disabled people go through life carelessly, thinking, “What does it matter if I just sit back and do nothing?” Or think that they can do anything they want and everything will still be fine, just taking life for granted. There are people out in the world like Peg a girl from the narrative “The Incomplete Quad”, who can't even go through everyday life by themselves. The narrative “The Incomplete Quad” goes into the lives of people like Peg and Dale and shows us how much they actually go through or rather how much they can't. The story's main focus is on the lives of Peg and a guy named David, C average slacker who thinks he can get through life Doing nothing. He goes to college at Kent state and is roomed with a guy named Dale but when Dale moves back home David’s roomed with Peg. The story follows their lives and the journey of David coming to realize that he needs to change his ways because there are people out in the world like Dale and Peg who would kill to be in his position and be able to live life with half the freedoms he has. In “The Incomplete Quad”, David Sedaris shows that non-disabled people take life for granted by using characterization, humorous diction and the climax and resolution of the story

David Sedaris uses characterization a lot in the story, especially about Dale and Peg. Characterization shows the theme in this story very well because it brings us deeper into the lives of disabled people and it shows us how much we

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