Themes Of Faith And Doubt In The Hobbit

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Comparison in which J.R.R Tolkien and Jules Verne have explored different perspectives of the idea of faith and doubt in their respective texts The Hobbit and Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
Both texts convey the symbols of faith and doubt. The idea that doubt will always affect you still faith may have enough strength to overcome the doubt in anything. Verne looks at both Protagonist one symbolising faithful and the other symbolising doubt, metaphorically one effects the other, while Tolkien protagonist Bilbo has faith and doubt in himself and how his faith overcome the doubt.
The similarities and differences that will be analysed in the respective novels of Verne and Tolkien that show the idea of faith and doubt …show more content…

Never!”. While the other main character is Axel and is doubtful of the adventure because he does not want to go on the adventure and drags Lidenbrock a bit but Axel still follow Lidenbrock showing that Axel has a little faith that they will success however still is doubtful through the tunnel unlike Lidenbrock which gave him his last drop of water and Axel “still express nothing but despair”. Hans is an Icelandic guide who gets paid to go on the journey and does not talk English so what he says is translated by the professor and from what he says he is not affect by faith or doubt in the adventure. The supporting characters in Verne’s novel are not affected by the idea of faith and doubt but push on through the adventure and help Axel and Lidenbrock in their adventure through the centre of the earth. Unlike Verne’s novel that focus more on the adventure and how that effects the protagonist faith and doubt, Tolkien uses many characters to improve on Bilbo’s faith throughout the adventure. The main character that helps Bilbo to have faith through the novel are the company of dwarves and Gandalf who start to rely and “trust Bilbo,” when he begins to have more faith in succeeding in the adventure and he is the only way they can complete the adventure. The use of more characters in the Hobbit allows for more challenges that stop Bilbo from doing the quest or helping him succeed. The convention of characters used by the novels are

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