Themes Of Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters

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The book that I read this quarter was called Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. The author of this book is Rick Riordan, who is also the author of the other Percy Jackson books. The genre of this book is fantasy fiction/greek mythology. This book has been put in this genre because the storyline discusses greek mythology and is not very realistic. The book takes place in modern day and it has multiple place settings. These main settings include Camp Half-Blood, and the Sea of Monsters. Camp Half-Blood is a camp where demigods train and have fun, the sea of monsters is a mythical sea that is very dangerous as well. The time frame of this book is about 3 weeks. This story is written in first person by none other than Percy Jackson himself. The themes of this book are learning to accept and love others as well as doing the right thing and fighting for what you love. The theme loving and accepting others was come across because Percy finds out he has a brother, who is much different than him. The other theme, fighting for what you love, has come across because Percy is fighting for a camp he loves and he will do anything to save it. This book shows strong themes of love and passion The major character, or protagonist, in this story is Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson is a half-blood (meaning he is half god and half mortal) and his father is Poseidon. He is thirteen years old and just finished seventh grade in this story. He is a caring and good friend and he will do anything

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