Themes Presented through the Characters in George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Animal farm is a novel written by George Orwell, in August 1945. It is a very important work of fictional political satire, and educates the reader about the history of a revolution that went horribly wrong, a savage attack on Stalin. Orwell reveals many themes throughout the novel and uses his characters to convey them. Orwell uses an effective combination of human traits with animal’s characteristics that provide the main charm of the characters of animal farm. They are distinct characters and are appropriate figures of political satire. They resemble certain political leaders of society and thus making it humorous and ironic. The main themes that were expressed in this novel are; the power of ideas, power and rebellion. These…show more content…
This all shows the reader that in a few short months power has corrupted Napoleon, he now regards himself as a leader and becomes very selfish and greedy and paranoid, all these suggest that power is bad. Napoleon becomes a very cruel dictator and becomes worse than Mr Jones himself. Snowball represents Hope, in my eyes. He believes there is hope for animals and carries out Old Majors dream, he strives for higher more sophisticated items, but snowball is not as witty as Napoleon. Snowball stands for the greater good, pack mentality, this reinforces the idea of teamwork and friendship and how important they are in everyday society. Snowball inspired the seven commandments and painted them on the board out the front of the farm. Snowball is far sighted and very adventurous in his spirit. He has dreams of one day having machinery and electricity. This shows us that determination and persistence goes along way in this world. Boxer was another character that was always on task, he was diligent and willing to do anything for napoleon. He even came up with quotes that turned into mottos such as “Napoleon is always right”. Boxer was strong and brave, the admiration of everybody. Boxer taught us about strength and perseverance throughout the novel. Boxer wasn’t the brightest of animals on the farm, he could only master the first few letters of the alphabet. When Napoleon sold boxer to a

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