Theodore Dalrymple's Don T Legalize Drugs

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All three writers of the articles have their own ways of structuring their articles. In Theodore Dalrymple’s article “Don’t Legalize Drugs” he put many facts into his article such as “The drug clinic in my hospital claims an 80 percent reduction in criminal convictions among heroin addicts once they have been stabilized on methadone” (Dalrymple). All facts and not much emotion. He put one personal experience into his article but that was it. “The conclusion was inescapable: that a susceptible population had responded to the low price of alcohol, and the lack of other effective restraints upon its consumption, by drinking destructively large quantities of it” (Dalrymple). This experience helped make a point on when given the chance people will …show more content…

He states “Last year when the supply of Mexican marijuana was slightly curtailed by the Feds, the pushers got the kids hooked on heroin and deaths increased dramatically, particularly in New York” (Vidal). Unlike Dalrymple he adds emotion to help show the reader how he feels. Preceding the increased death rate he writes “Whose fault? Evil men like the Mafiosi? Permissive Dr. Spock? Wild-eyed Dr. Leary? No. The Government of the United States was responsible for those deaths” (Vidal). The reader can sense the anger Vidal has for the United States government with that sentence. Throughout the remaining part of the article he makes the point that the war on drugs will never be won. Just like Dalrymple and Vidal, Katrina Vanden Heuvel overuses facts. All three articles are facts over and over. It’s repetitive and boring. Heuvel says “When the Eighteenth Amendment banned alcohol in 1920, it took thirteen years to admit failure and enact the Twenty-first, which ended Prohibition” (Heuvel). This is yet another fact out of the numerous amounts of evidence provided. Heuvel explains how she is feeling much better than Dalrymple but not as well as Vidal. Heuvel writes “So much failure. So many lives

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