Theodore Roosevelt Personality

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Mister Theodore Roosevelt, a man of reputation and influence, dominion and power, superiority and supremacy. No man embodied Manifest Destiny so exactly: winning a war, becoming a hero and taking our country’s powers to international borders. From Governor of New York, the Presidential Seat, and beyond, Mister Theodore Roosevelt changed from an average American to the President of the United States of America, and finally to a status of legendary inspiration. His actions paved a path for aspirants and nobodies alike, to do something and become phenomenal beings in their own right!
Mister Theodore Roosevelt participated in the Spanish-American War, which took place in Cuba. He managed the 1st regiment of the United States Volunteer Cavalry, popularly known as the Rough Riders. Furthermore, He succeeded in leading his regiment through battle and in capturing vantage points, effectively pronouncing him as a hero and a source of trust.
Later in the Oval Office, Mister Theodore Roosevelt found himself against a union of striking coal miners. From that position, Presidents usually sent the Army to quell and subdue any demonstrators. Contrarily, Mister Theodore Roosevelt innovatively allowed for meeting and negotiating with the strike’s leaders, which, however, failed to disband the strike. Concordantly, Mister Theodore Roosevelt called in for the Army, seized operations of the coal mine, and resumed the efficiency of the mine. Doomed to perish if they did not change themselves

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