Theoretical Framework According To Bronfenbrenner And His Family System

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Theoretical Framework According to Bronfenbrenner and his family systems there are different levels of interaction between the child and what surround their life. He created a model to represent his theory of systems. The first level is the micro system and consists of family, health services, neighborhood, school, and peers. This is the most influencing level since these are the people and places the child comes into daily contact with. My child had constant interaction with her parents and I always encourage interaction between her and her friends. The second level is the mesosystem, this acts as the highway of interactions between the various people in the microsystem. Such as when my partner and I decided upon getting a divorce this …show more content…

Parents are assigned one of the four (authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and disengaged) through the aspects of responsiveness and demandingness. According to Arnett the parent style that leads children growing up the most successful is the authoritative parent. The associated outcomes with children with authoritative parents tend to be more independent, creative, self-assured, and have greater social skills. As I went through the simulation I attempted to keep this style in the back of my mind and attempted to be responsive and strict with my child. Throughout the simulation I made decisions that would made sure I was warm to my child and assured her that I was there for her. When she was an infant and toddler I made sure I was responsive to her needs and did not ignore any of her problems. As she entered her teen years I made sure that she always knew my expectations but tried to make sure she had her independence. Such as one day when she had a small fender-bender in a parking lot. I made to be responsive and instead of being furious with her I was just happy it was a small accident and made her pay for the damages and insurance. This allowed me to maintain my responsiveness while remain demanding. I made sure that she knew I was not mad at her for being in an accident, but remain firm expectation that she needs to take responsibility for her actions. The end assessment of my overall parenting was

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