Theoretical Framework Of Elderly Abuse

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Though the United States does not have the actual official statistics of the prevalence of elderly people abused, non-profit organizations estimate it to be about 4 million annually. The difficulty in listing the actual type of abuse is brought about by the diversity of abuse (Henderson, Hanson & Reynolds, 2003). Elderly abuse is classified into seven main groups. These include physical abuse that involves using force to injure or threaten an elderly people physically (Torrey, 2014). Another type of abuse is emotional abuse which involves the use of offensive language, isolation or neglecting an elderly person. This results in mental distress and other mentally related disorders (Wright & National Film Board of Canada, 1990). Sexual abuse is a form abuse that involves getting into sexual contact with an elderly person without his or her consent. Exploitation is the use of the elder’s person money without their authority. Abandonment is deserting the elderly individual into helpless and vulnerable conditions (Henderson, Hanson & Reynolds, 2003). Lastly, self-neglect is a condition where an elderly individual lacks the knowledge to deal with the condition they are exposed in by the caregivers. All these forms of abuse are present in different nursing homes in America. Though, there are numerous factors that deter whether an individual is abused or not. For…show more content…
For example, families in Maryland believe that lack of enough funding to these elderly nursing homes acts as the main cause of elderly abuse and neglect. Others argue that poor working conditions, poor salary tables, and overwork directly influences the care process of the nursing homes in America (Wright & National Film Board of Canada,
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