Conflict Theory: Theoretical Positions On Religion

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Theoretical Positions on Religion
Different sociological perspectives on religion have focused on outlining the various roles that religion serves, the inequalities and other consequences that it can perpetuate and reinforce in our daily lives. It is evident from different theoretical explanations that religion really exists. This fact has been established by different sociologists and has outmuscled all the objections and critics that have been argued against it. Religion has been founded by natural things around us, and it is a law in sociology that no institution that is based on error and falsehood can ever survive in our modern society. It is also apparent that religion roots itself in reality and corresponds to the needs of all humans. Science has over the years, tried and failed to discover the origin of religion (Giddens et al. 2016). Different perspectives have existed to explain the sociology of religion. The structural functionalism theory contends that religion exists to serve various functions within our society, such as providing answers to spiritual mysteries in, or creating a place for social controls and interactions, and offering emotional comfort among many others. Conflict theory, on the other hand, views religion as an institution that has contributed to the patterns of social inequality and conflict. Symbolic interactionist theory arises from the thought that the world we live in is constructed socially and through the interpretation various

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